Canada and the United States unite for 2022 Olympic hockey tournaments


Canada was grouped with the United States in the men’s and women’s hockey tournaments at the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the IIHF announced.

The 2020 IIHF ranking, which provides the ranking for the tournaments, was finalized Friday, with Canada ranking first in men’s hockey and second, behind the United States, in women. The United States placed sixth in the men’s rankings, with Russia, Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic also leading.

Canada and the United States team will be joined in a group by Germany and China in Beijing 2022 in the men’s tournament. Three places in the tournament remain available per qualification:

Group A: Canada (1), United States (6), Germany (7), China (12).
Group B: Russia (2), Czech Republic (5), Switzerland (8), Qualifier 3 (11).
Group C: Finland (3), Sweden (4), qualifier 1 (9), qualifier 2 (10).

The women’s tournament will consist of two groups, Canada and the United States being joined by Finland, Russia and Switzerland in Group A.

Group A: United States (1), Canada (2), Finland (3), Russia (4), Switzerland (5).
Group B: Japan (6), qualifier 1 (7), qualifier 2 (8), qualifier 3 (9), China (10).

The Beijing Olympics are scheduled to open on February 4, 2022.


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