Can a friend return home to France from the United States?


The post-May 11 regulations have yet to be clarified. Information provided on the website of the French Embassy in the United States indicates that at present, French residents, including those who are British or European, and those from another country with a residence permit, may return to France before May 11 and must contact the airlines to obtain a ticket.

They must carry the French government’s international travel certificate in mainland France and check the box: “people who have their main residence in France, accompanied by their spouse and their children” (People having their main residence in France, as well as their spouses and children).

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Once in France, people coming from abroad will be able to return home with a confinement form on which the French Embassy in the United States offers to add by hand “Travel to return to my home after a trip to France” ‘foreigner’, and take their plane ticket and proof of residence with them if possible.

There is no evidence to suggest that some form of quarantine is necessary unless the traveler exhibits symptoms of Covid-19, in which case he should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:


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