California governor “does not anticipate” football in full stadiums this year


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California Governor Gavin Newsom believes his state is more than five months away from being ready to take tens of thousands to a stadium.

Newsom said today that California’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic has probably not made enough progress for the football season to go smoothly.

“I don’t foresee this happening in this state,” said Newsom, via “We have all seen the headlines in recent days in Asia where they are opening some businesses and now they are starting to cancel these openings because they are starting to see some spread and there is a boomerang. You have to be very careful here, you have to be careful not to promise too much. “

Newsom said he would rather be careful than sorry when it came to allowing major sporting events to occur in his state.

“I would be very careful while waiting,” said Newsom. “Our decision on this basis here in the state of California will be determined by the facts, will be determined by health experts, will be determined by our ability to respond at this time and bend the curve. . . . Right now, I’m just focusing on the immediate, but it’s not something I plan to happen in the next few months. “

Newsom seems less optimistic than President Trump, who said he hopes to have supporters in the stadiums again by August or September. The reality is that nobody knows in April what the situation will be in August. But at the moment, it’s hard to be optimistic.


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