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Wellness Matrix Group has claimed to sell a home FDA approved coronavirus test. But the United States Food and Drug Administration says, “The FDA has not authorized any available-for-sale tests to test yourself at home for COVID-19.” Al Drago / CQ roll call via Getty Images hide legend

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Al Drago / CQ roll call via Getty Images

As government officials warn concerned public about coronavirus scams, California company faces scrutiny by members of Congress and the Los Angeles attorney for selling COVID test kits- 19 which she said could be used “at home or at the bedside.” “

The Food and Drug Administration has unequivocally stated that it has not authorized “no test available for purchase to test yourself at home for COVID-19”. However, in late March, Wellness Matrix Group, a company based in Huntington Beach, California, offered such a test for $ 49.95. “These tests,” the company promised customers, “are legitimate and have been verified and approved by the United States Food & Drug Association.[[[[sic]. “

Several customers who ordered the tests now say they never received them and tried to cancel their payments.

The company has since been brought to the attention of the authorities. On March 30, after NPR asked for comments on the Wellness Matrix Group products, investigators from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform sent the company a letter asking for information about its alleged home test. Investigators also asked about a $ 500 disinfectant that the company says “kills the crown on contact.”


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