C8 corvette problems range from irregular stitching to leaky drivetrain


The Corvette C8 can cost $ 59,995, including destination fees, but it is almost impossible to find such a car on the ground, since most dealers have been filling up on 2LT and 3LT versions. At this price and even higher, it seems that Chevrolet cannot assemble the dashboard uniformly.

Uploaded to the Corvette Forum, the first three photos in the gallery don’t need to be explained. A brand new sports car shouldn’t have wavy seams in such an obvious part of the dashboard, not to mention other issues like “The passenger window goes up and down on its own while driving. “

Another owner spotted “Small dots in the paint” after washing his car, and someone with the same problem managed to correct the points with a polish and a microfiber cloth. Wire continues and complaints include a transmission leak and a “Automatic blow horn. “The worst story in the wire, however, is that of a 32-mile Corvette with a leaky transmission that sets a diagnostic code for fluid pressure in the limited slip differential. What is most curious about this particular example of the breed is that it was “Driving conservatively” not run. These are the words of the dealer technician who replaces the double clutch transsexual.

To these issues, we can also highlight one of the issues that Chevy Dude has reported with his Stingray Z51. In short, the car even locks with the key fob in the cabin. For this reason – let’s call it a feature – the YouTube vlogger was locked from a pre-delivery inspection car at the Chevrolet dealership where he works, as well as his own car. Oh, and let’s not forget this guy who discovered that a screw cuts into the door paint.

In the end, it is not exactly recommended to buy a car during the first model year of production. General Motors also has a long history of quality control issues, so yes, it’s not surprising that the Corvette C8 has its fair share of issues. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year.

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