Bylands workers who tested positive for COVID-19 recover – West Kelowna News


After 19 seasonal workers at the Bylands nursery were diagnosed with COVID-19 last month, many appear to be recovering.

In a recent Facebook post, Bylands said he was overwhelmed by community support, with offers to help provide food and other supports to temporary foreign workers who have been diagnosed with the virus.

Currently 75 workers, 64 of whom are temporary foreign workers, are isolating themselves as a result of the epidemic, and the local business remains closed.

“Your generous offers were communicated or provided to our workers, which contributed to their morale and sense of belonging to our community,” wrote Bylands.

“Many of you have reached out to offer encouraging words of support and compassion – thank you. Your words took us through some of the most difficult times we have known as a company and as a team. “

Bylands says the workers stay home to rest and that they “seem to be recovering well.”

“Many workers report that they are ready and willing to return to work when they can,” said Bylands.

The company has partnered with food distribution company Sysco to provide food to their seasonal workers who have been isolated, and they have worked with Interior Health to make sure workers can return to work if necessary.

“We are grateful and impressed with Interior Health’s collaboration on our complex operations and we look forward to being operational as soon as possible safely and to continuing to serve our customers and our community,” said Bylands.


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