Bury hopes FA will put them in the National League next season with President Dale ready to step down – The Sun


BURY owner Steve Dale has surprisingly revealed that he is waiting for the FA to place his club in the National League for next season.

And Dale would be ready to resign from his post as president of the expelled EFL group to get there.

    Steve Dale hopes Bury will be placed in the National League after being expelled from the Football League
Steve Dale hopes Bury will be placed in the National League after being expelled from the Football League

The Shakers were kicked out of Ligue 1 in late August after the EFL said they had not provided evidence of campaign funding.

Since then, Dale has fought liquidation petitions and settled debts with the Inland Revenue.

As Bury still exists, the club has the right – as an EFL team expelled under FA rules – to be placed high in the non-league system.

And in Bury’s case, it would be the configuration of the National League – levels five and six.

At best, they would be placed in the National League itself or the National League of the North.

Dale, who has not spoken publicly since October, said, “We have applied to the FA to be placed in the league for next season.

“Since I was president when the club was pulled from EFL, maybe I should resign to meet the National League entry criteria and I’m ready to do so.”

The club submitted its candidacy by the March 31 deadline – confirmed by the FA.

Clubs are generally informed which league they can enter in May, although the coronavirus crisis may delay this.


Dale explained: “We were a Ligue 1 club which had just won a promotion and we now hope to be placed in the National League.

“Anything less than that would be a travesty because we were screwed enough. “

Businessman Dale bought all the shares of previous owner Stewart Day for £ 1 in December 2018 with the club struggling £ 17 MILLION debt.

He negotiated with creditors last summer – reducing the figure to around £ 5 million – preventing the club from going into liquidation.

But with no income coming in after their EFL eviction, Bury breached this arrangement.

However, Dale has confirmed that he is now seeking to agree on a new deal to prevent the two 135-year-old FA Cup winners from being liquidated.

He said, “The problem we have is that we will not know the criteria until the FA tells us which league we can enter – but renegotiating the CVA will not be a problem.

“I just hope the FA will do the right thing for us and put us in the division that our history, heritage and fans deserve. “

It remains to be seen whether an indebted Bury club is viable in the fifth or sixth level of English football.

If the Shakers had kept their place in Ligue 1 this quarter, they would have picked up £ 1.6 million from the EFL.

    Bury was kicked from the Football League earlier this season
Bury was kicked from the Football League earlier this seasonCredit: Getty

But in the National League, each club receives £ 90,000, while in the national North it costs only £ 13,000.

Dale said, “Bury will always be a decent club in the National League. It has never been a big top club.

“The sponsors were locals. The fans are locals and we have never had massive doors. The club is sustainable. “

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