Bucs Unveils New 2020 Uniforms


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a new look, but in many ways it’s also a familiar look, which has already proven to be very popular with the team’s passionate fan base.

On Tuesday, the Buccaneers unveiled the new uniforms, brands and colors they will start wearing in 2020. The team announced in February that it would unveil its new look in the spring and that the changes had been largely inspired by feedback from fans.

Ed Glazer, owner / co-chair of the Buccaneers, said, “This new but familiar look is a direct result of the valuable feedback we have received from our fans. which showcases our signature tin in a new and spectacular way. The refreshed classic design of our home and exterior combinations bridges our past with our exciting new future, and we are sure it will resonate with our fans. “


Based on this fan input, much of the new uniform is identical to what the team wore from 1997 to 2013, which included the most successful field segment in the history of the franchise. From 1997 to 2007, the Buccaneers made the playoffs seven times in 11 years, played two conference championship games and won their first Lombardi Trophy. The Buccaneers defeated the Oakland Raiders, 48-21, on January 26, 2003 while wearing their pewter pants and red jersey.

The Buccaneers hope to create another era of success after the seasons with a new set of stars making the Super Bowl uniform their own signature look. This includes six times QB Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and linebacker Lavonte David, who was thrilled to return to uniforms similar to what he wore in his first two Buccaneer seasons, as well as Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Vita Vea, Donovan Smith, Devin White, Shaquil Barrett, Ndamukong Suh and Jason Pierre-Paul

The jersey number font is the same as that used from 1997 to 2013, and the helmet will once again feature a black mask. There will also be a brand new alternative uniform with pants and pewter jerseys that the Buccaneers plan to become a fan favorite.

As the Buccaneers revert to the darker red of their previous uniforms, they retain the shade of tin used in the most recent version. The team explored the return to the original pewter pants, but the fabrics used by Nike today are completely different from those of the 1990s and it was therefore impossible to recreate the historic pewter color in textiles. today.

The new uniform also retains the modern flag logo and crossed swords, while incorporating the original shade of red. The side of the flag on the helmet has been reduced so that the sword is visible on all types of helmets used by players. The new uniforms also showcase the modern design of the ship. The logotype mark has also been updated. The words Tampa Bay and the drop shadow are now in tin, and the word Buccaneers is in the original darker red.


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