Bruce Willis finds ex-wife Demi Moore for isolation in matching pajamas


Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have met as they isolate themselves together, even wearing matching pajamas, 20 years after their divorce.

The former couple posed for a nice photo together in green and white striped pajamas with two of their children.

Tallulah, 26, and Scout, 28, with husband Dillon Buss, also wear pajamas.

The whole family is radiant and in the blink of an eye, Bruce and Demi even have their arms together as they give the photographer a helping hand, proving that they are on very good terms.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis isolate with their children in matching pajamas

They married in 1897 but separated in 2000, with three children including Scout and Tallulah, as well as Rumer, 31.

Bruce attended Demi’s wedding to Ashton Kutcher in 2005, proving that they remained friends after their separation.

It is not known if Rumer or Bruce’s wife Emma Hemming Willis are also isolated with the rest of the family.

Their daughter Tallulah posted photos on her Instagram as they posed for a family photo shoot with the puppies

But it sounds like a lot of fun because the family is joined by six little dogs and giant cutlery, for some reason.

Demi talked about her divorce from Bruce in her book Inside Out.

She wrote, “It’s funny to say, but I’m very proud of our divorce.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore divorced in 2000

“I think Bruce was afraid at first that I was going to make our separation difficult, and that I would express my anger and all the baggage that I had of our marriage by obstructing his access to children – that I would turn to all of these divorcing couple schemes use weapons.

“But I didn’t, and neither did he. “

Meanwhile, Bruce said in an interview, “I felt like I had failed as a father and husband by not being able to succeed. “

He credited his good friend Will Smith for helping him get through this difficult time in his life.

He married Hemming Willis in 2009, while Demi has yet to release a new relationship.


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