Browns show interest in Jadeveon Clowney with perhaps best deal for edge rusher, report says


The Cleveland Browns enter the Jadeveon Clowney competition. By ESPN Jeremy Fowler, Browns have shown interest in Clowney and some people in the league believe that Cleveland is closer to Clowney than the other contenders. Whether this gives Cleveland the inside route to landing Clowney remains to be seen, but the Browns have certainly checked the defense price.

Cleveland already has Myles Garrett and Olivier Vernon on the defensive and signed Adrian Clayborn for a two-year contract earlier in the week, so the Browns don’t need to rush. Garrett had 10 bags and 39 presses before serving his six-game suspension which ended his 2019 season, but Vernon only had 3.5 bags in 25 presses in 10 games and can be reduced to create 15.5 million of space dollars. The Browns could certainly use an additional pass accelerator across from Garrett, where Clowney intervenes.

Clowney has 32 sacks in six seasons in the NFL with 80 quarter hits, 252 presses and three Pro Bowl appearances. He has also had great results via Pro Football Focus, especially in the past two seasons. He finished with 31 tackles, three sacks, four forced fumbles, 13 quarter hits and 47 presses in 13 games, but was hampered for most of the second half of the season with a basic muscle injury, explaining why the number of bags is decreasing. Clowney has undergone surgery on the basic muscle injury, which should not affect him for the 2020 season.

Clowney allegedly lowered asking price north of $ 20 million a season to $ 17-18 million, which could be why the Browns got into the mix. The Titans and Seahawks are also interested in Clowney, although Seattle will have to maneuver ceiling space as they currently have $ 14,825,497 in ceiling space (through Over The Cap).

Cleveland has the most space available in the NFL at $ 43 million and can create a lot more by splitting up from Vernon, so signing Clowney for a massive deal won’t be a problem. The Browns certainly have the means to give Clowney what he wants and to assert himself as the winner of the draw.


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