Browns GM Andrew Berry: Jadeveon Clowney “a good player” and the team “still actively looking for”: Quick shots


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Browns chief executive Andrew Berry opened his conference call Friday with local media, expressing gratitude to all of the healthcare workers and government officials who have worked so hard to contain the spread of the coronovirus.

He urged everyone to “stay safe and stay home,” which he said was the most important message of the day.

Here are some quick results of the call:

* Regarding Browns interest in defensive end Jadeveon Clowney: “I’m not going to get into the habit of commenting on players who are not on our list. Jadeveon is a good football player. We will be aggressive and add talent to the list. “

Browns have shown interest in Jadeveon Clowney

* He said he would be in Cleveland for the NFL draft April 23-25, but like everyone else, he has to do it from home.

* He said: “I am confident that we will have a high quality project. We will be ready and ready to go. “

* He noted, “We felt very prepared to enter free agency, and we felt very prepared to enter this project … It really didn’t slow down the project or free agency process. »»

* He said, “Our goal is to aggressively add talent and add the type of people we want in our organization: smart, strong and responsible. »»

* A Harvard graduate with a master’s degree in computer science, Berry is not confused by virtual business: “Many of the things we use are data-driven tools, video tools. In terms of the physical movement of objects (to homes), this is not a challenge. The biggest challenge is to establish effective communications. We live in the technology age with FaceTime, Zoom and Teams. “

* He said the Browns are sophisticated, technologically speaking, “No matter what the age, we have a fairly progressive group. Even (older staff members), they now realize the benefits of technology. “

Andrew Thomas connected well with Andrew Berry during their pre-project video call

* He noted that being unable to do your own physical exams posed challenges: “We are lucky on many levels. Number one, we had the combine. The most important part of the combine is getting the medical information. The league has done a good job of setting up protocols for (rechecks). The biggest challenge is for players who are not combined guests. “

* Why Karl Joseph’s security has not yet been officially signed: “The most important thing is the physical. It’s a bit difficult from state to state. This is really the only reason why it was not announced. ”

* He said the Browns are “centered on the quarterback” and are geared towards supporting the QB. He said the offensive line is always a priority and “it starts there. “

* On the creation of their own model: “We are going to go through some general rehearsals in order to be able to flesh out the hot spots. “

* On university players going from the right tackle to the left tackle among the pros: “Jack Conklin was a left tackle from college which was an accomplished right tackle in our league. He said that Tyron Smith of Dallas is a good example of a player who managed to go from the right side in college to the left among the pros.

* He noted that the right and left tackles are very similar in importance and value in setting up a good attack. “They are very close,” he said.

* On if he focuses on the left tackle in the NFL draft: “I would not make any assumptions about what we can or cannot do to move forward. My goal is to make sure we add talent to the list. “He noted that Conklin and Chris Hubbard can both play left tackles.

* He said he had a lot of fun working with coach Kevin Stefanski. “He has a quick mind. He’s a really, really funny guy. It keeps me going. I know players will kiss him. “

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