Browns general manager Andrew Berry on Mekhi Becton test, swapping pick # 10, acquiring veteran and other successes


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Browns general manager Andrew Berry hosted a Zoom teleconference with local writers Monday morning, covering a wide range of topics as we approach the 2020 NFL Draft Thursday evening.

He covered Mekhi Becton’s Louisville drug test at NFL Combine, interest in choice # 10, Odell Beckham Jr. business rumors and more.

* He recognized that the Browns will take Becton’s drug test into account in his assessment

“Suffice it to say that we will take all the information into consideration when making a player’s decision,” he said.

He also said that the virtual nature of the draft process had not made the investigation much more difficult.

“I don’t think it really complicates things for any prospect from a historical perspective,” he said. “The reason is that the work we do is largely with people who have spent the past three or four years with these guys on a daily basis. We are fortunate to live in the technology age where we have Zoom, FaceTime and the like. We were able to sit with most if not all of these guys on the combine. I think there have been enough touchpoints where we have a really good idea of ​​who these guys are as individuals. “

The Browns can probably make another call with Becton if they see fit.

* He believes the Browns will have options to trade choice # 10

Several teams are interested in trading up, including perhaps the Bucs (14), the Broncos (15) and the Eagles (21). Other teams are interested in negotiating, and Berry expects the phone to ring on Thursday evening.

“I don’t know if it’s more or less unusual than in previous years,” he said. “Honestly, you never really know until you get a little closer to the project, then definitely on the clock, just because there are a number of different scenarios that can be played out. I think we will have options. You usually do this every year in the project, almost regardless of where you choose. It is probably too early to say what things will look like Thursday evening. ”

* He is ready to acquire a veteran on draft day or to trade a Browns veteran

The Redskins are still looking to move left forward Trent Williams, and he could still be in play for the Browns on Thursday depending on how the tackles fall in the top nine. Other veteran players may still be available in trades such as the safety of the Anthony Harris Vikings. Berry is ready to ride and treat the weekend as he sees fit.

“In terms of probability, we will probably never know until we are closer to the project, but we will explore all the ways that could improve the list.” I know I’ve said it a few times and some of you are probably tired of what I’m saying, but this is really the approach. Anything we think can help improve the team, we’re going to be actively exploring it and we will definitely listen, but I can’t say anything is imminent. ”

* He believes the Browns have made it clear that they do not want to trade Odell Beckham Jr and that the trade with the Vikings report is “completely wrong”. “

“We communicate fairly consistently with all of our players,” he said. “Probably the last thing I will say about this Odell piece is just as an organization, we really touched on this a number of times at this point. I really don’t think we should say more about this. ”

* He reiterated that he was not locked in a left tackle at number 10

There is a lot of talent in this class, ”he said. “I really don’t expect us to be locked in a specific direction or side of the ball. We will go further with the approach of maximizing the overall talent that we can add to the list [as opposed to having to fill needs]. ”

* He’s ready to go on his first draft as general manager on Thursday evening, although the NFL in general had a few glitches when it rehearsed a fake draft on Monday.

“Obviously it’s different from having decision-making power, but it’s really more exciting. I have a ton of confidence in our group and what we did during the spring. I feel very prepared. It’s exciting because we’ve spent a lot of time on these perspectives. It’s a bit like Christmas is coming early because now we’re seeing who the new members of the Browns organization will be. “

* He is impressed with Kevin Stefanski’s approach to the virtual offseason program, which started today

“I can assure you that Kevin and the staff have done a truly remarkable job given the circumstances to make sure our guys have what they need during this unprecedented time this spring,” he said. “I have every confidence in Kevin, our coordinators and our post coaches that they have the plan and the resources to make sure our guys are ready and can start running as soon as we enter the building. “Here are some highlights:

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