Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8 May presents a COVID-19 screenplay


The upcoming eighth season of Brooklyn Nine Nine could present a scenario focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-creator Dan Goor told the Hollywood Reporter that the editorial team – which was just starting to think about ideas for season 8 – is now planning how to integrate the crisis into the coming season.

“We think there is value in escaping, but at the same time, we don’t want to be ignorant,” said Goor. “There is a debate about what it will look like next year. “

Instead of “working deep into the pandemic” for a scenario, the authors look for other, more subtle, ways of acknowledging the crisis.

“But the question is how they were affected by the virus and the pandemic as residents of New York and as first responders in New York. How can we keep the show funny? How can we do it while making them of this world and their world? It’s difficult, “said Goor. “

To be clear, it is very first days for Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8. The editorial team only met once – via a virtual Zoom hangout – on April 23, and nothing is locked in terms of scenarios for the next season.

“I think it is possible that there may be an episode or parts of episodes that explore what their lives are like now – or were like now – because it tells who they are. But we’re really trying to figure it out, “said Goor.

Goor shared some of the arguments the writers made for the COVID-19 scenarios for season 8, one of which involves characters living in a world where the coronavirus was healed after two weeks. Goor said he didn’t like the idea very much because the audience couldn’t connect with this experience.

Goor said it was more likely that the scenarios in Season 8 would involve characters dealing with life after the coronavirus. “People lose their jobs – does the spouse or partner of one of our key players lose their jobs? Does this put economic pressure on them? There are ways in which we can try to bring the real world into Brooklyn without it being super tragic, “he said.

Another idea is that some members of the compound have caught the virus. “Whatever we do, we will try to make sure that the show is always funny and that the characters are who they are. Even in an episode of “problems”, we try to make the most of Brooklyn Nine-Niney how we can do it, “said Goor.

Brooklyn Nine Nine has just concluded its seventh season. The episodes were filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic. It is currently unknown when filming can begin on Season 8 since all productions are closed.

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