Brooklyn Beckham criticized as “bad” by ex-girlfriend Hana Cross


Brooklyn Beckham’s guitar, who plays ex-girlfriend Hana Cross, wrote an explosive breakup song that seems to be all about their doomed relationship.

David and Victoria Beckham’s 21-year-old offspring had a high-profile romance with 23-year-old model and singer Hana before the end of the crash ended in August.

Brooklyn and Hana drew a lot of attention in their reasonably short romance as the couple endured explosive public rows and engaged in equally public displays of affection.

But Hana criticized Brooklyn through the middle of the song, blaming him for putting it aside after they parted – with the singer ringing devastated in his lyrics.

Hana Cross referred to an “average” heartbreaker in a song she wrote

In a video clip shared on Instagram, Hana sings: “You broke my heart and you said that we were friends but I never heard from you again and it is a little naughty. “

She continues: “I saw myself as supposed to be and you consider me to be temporary and it is a bit harsh. “

His words also say: “I am confused and I am sad, I do not know what I did but you said that it was not my fault but without reason how can I know? “

Brooklyn and Hana enjoyed romance in 2019

As Hana transforms the grief of rupture into musical art, Brooklyn wasted no time moving on.

The aspiring photographer has since started dating billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz, and the couple recently moved to New York City.

The couple are believed to have started dating last year, and there are already rumors that the couple are planning to marry.

Brooklyn is now dating Nicola Peltz

The pair are rumored to be planning a wedding

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Brooklyn’s mother Vicky would like the young lovers to walk down the aisle and gave her son the blessing to settle down.

“Victoria believes Nicola is the ideal marriage,” a source close to the family said in February.

“She is very impressed with her. Brooklyn has been so much calmer and happier since they dated, “the source continued.

“Victoria is also happy that Nicola is rich in her own right, so she is not looking for him for the wrong reasons,” they said.


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