British viewers of Got Talent scold ‘magic navy’ – but it’s a hit with the ladies


British viewers of Got Talent went on Twitter after Saturday’s episode to find out how “magic marine” James Stott performed his stunts.

James guessed correctly which boxes were going to explode on stage and was so sure he knew which one would not explode, he pulled out the wire and placed it in his mouth.

He also shocked the judges when he guessed which bag on the table had a dagger, slapping his hand on the other bags which were luckily empty.

But eagle-eyed viewers guessed how the stunts worked and predicted that James was never in danger.

Hunky James has caught the eye of many vigorous viewers

“Am I the only one who thinks that the Magic Marine was s ** t?” Obviously, I knew which box was linked to which piston… #BGT#England has an incredible talent “Wrote one.

“I thought the red device he was holding was part of a circuit, when he pulled it out, the explosion did not happen. When he put it back, he did it, “said another user.

“And he swapped it, then tried to distract that he knew he had the bad by putting it in his mouth. Absolute balls. You’ve seen one of these tips, you’ve seen them all. “

James detonated boxes, guessing correctly which would be the last box to explode by pure intuition

Another viewer predicted, “I think … More like the wires are actually not attached to any explosives. The explosives are triggered remotely. Threads are gadgets. “

“He was not impressed by the marine magician. The first round was probably someone in the audience telling him which bag to choose. no danger, “added another.

Another wrote: ” #bgt (a little behind but the sailor type with the knife and the boxes) so all the cards said 5 since we did not see the others. And he must know which piston is linked to each box since he changed boxes at the end. I like this kind of stuff but very simple how it is made. To drop :/ ” .

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But other viewers were big fans of James, especially some vigorous women who appreciated the navy blue piece.

“Anyone who feels a little warm after watching the magic navy,” asked one of them.

“Wow … The Magic Marine was amazing,” added another, alongside a loving-eyed emoji.

“The magic navy .. oooffff” added a third.

“Hot ex marine”, springs a fourth.


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