British sex workers in “dire and desperate” state amid coronavirus shutdown Company


Sex workers in “dire and desperate” circumstances across the UK continue to see clients during the lockout, exposing themselves and others to the coronavirus, according to charities and health organizations. sex workers.

“We are facing a massive crisis,” said Niki Adams of the English Collective of Prostitutes. “No one wants to flout the rules and put themselves and others at risk, but those who are still working literally have no other choice. “

On an adult website, there were 800 sex workers across the UK “available to book” on Thursday, including around 150 in London. Adams said many of them would not work, but would use the site to keep their profiles active in the hope that potential customers could be persuaded to pay for sex by phone or camera. Others, however, had not stopped working because they had no other income, no savings, or returned to work when rent and bills were due.

“We need immediate emergency cash payments to these women who, at the moment, have nothing to eat. We know who these women are and we need to help them now, not in several weeks, ”she said.

Sasha *, a mother of two, worked in a salon three days a week while her children were in school, earning between £ 40 and £ 70 a day. Now the 33-year-old woman says she has no job. She asked for universal credit, but when she arrived, he would not cover her rent. “I have tried so hard to save money, but every week every penny is used for one emergency or another, so I have no savings,” she said. “I spend my whole day anxious. There is no respite […] I feel like I live on a thread. “


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