British not interested in Harry and Meghan’s return to royal office: poll


The British have two words for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Good riddance!

A new poll published by Newsweek indicates that the majority of Britons have no interest in welcoming the couple again after Megxit, especially given how they have handled the coronavirus pandemic in the public eye.

The survey asked 1,500 British residents how the spread of COVID-19 has changed their view of different members of the royal family. While 20% said their view of Markle had improved, 36% now have a more negative view of the Duchess of Sussex. As for husband Harry, 33% replied that they had a better vision of him after the coronavirus compared to 19% of the respondents whose opinions improved.

Overall, 54% said the couple should not return to royal office, while 28% said they should and 18% said they did not know. While Harry and Meghan have voluntarily renounced royalty, Newsweek reports that the arrangement is currently under review, which means that if things don’t work out for the family of three, they could return to their royal life in 2021.

It should also be noted that the Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll was conducted shortly before the announcement of their recent charity work in Los Angeles. Richard Ayoub – CEO of the nonprofit Angel Food project – recently said that former royal family members were wearing N95 masks and gloves to deliver 20 days of perishable meals and three weeks of perishable food to 20 of his customers. last week.

A source also told Page Six: “They actually volunteered several times. What is so beautiful is that the organization has now seen an increase in donations, many of which have been made in honor of [their] baby, Archie, first birthday May 6. It makes Meghan and Harry so happy because it is something so meaningful for his birthday that they will otherwise have to lock out. “


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