British Got Talent audience howls in horror as a magician’s shot goes awry


Britain’s Got Talent turned to horror in a first look at Saturday’s show as a magician’s shot ended in disaster.

Kevin Quantum impressed the judges when he explained that he had invented a machine that detonates cannonballs.

He told Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden that he planned to put a black bag over his face so he couldn’t see.

He would then walk in the fire – avoiding the cannonballs on fire.

“These cannonballs will make a career on the stage, literally eliminating everything in their path,” said the Scot.

Kevin Quantum’s fiery invention brings drama to BGT

The cannonballs were set on fire and started to swing unevenly

“When that happens, I will try to cross them without being hit. “

Amanda made the following remark: “What an incredible invention! “

But as he began his act, calling for complete silence, the audience realized that something was wrong, and the cannonballs were not doing what they had been during the protest.

Kevin had his head covered and had absolutely no idea that something had gone horribly wrong

Ant and Dec watch with concern

Because of the way the cannonballs began to swing after being lit by a set assistant, it was impossible for Kevin to pass through the object without being hit and burned.

But that was completely unknown to Kevin, who had already covered his face and was about to start crossing the fire.

The presenters Ant and Dec watched in horror, as Ant exclaimed, “This is not true!

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“It’s not true, is it? “

Audience members covered their faces in fear as Alesha asked, “Is he going to run? “

A production nurse can be seen waiting behind the scenes in case the worst happens.

But viewers will have to log in to find out about Kevin’s fate, because the teaser gives us no answer.

* Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday at 8 p.m. on ITV


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