British coronavirus: London has enough intensive care beds to cope with the crisis, says Sadiq Khan | News from the world


London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the city, which is a major coronavirus center in the UK, “now has the capacity to meet our needs” in terms of intensive care beds.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast from his home, Mr. Khan said, “A few weeks ago we started planning for the worst, which is a peak in London where we would need about 8,000 beds in a unit. intensive care.

“To give you an idea of ​​the challenge, we normally have around 800 ICU beds across London with ventilators, oxygen and that sort of thing. Because of the brilliance of the NHS, military planners, and many others, we opened Nightingale Hospital.

“We now have the capacity to meet our needs. Fortunately, we are far from reaching 8,000 at the moment.

“For the moment, we still have 25%, roughly there, of capacity within the NHS (in London) before even going to Nightingale, which shows the attitude of making not only the Londoners but those of the country who have helped us prepare for the peak of this virus. “


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