Britain’s Got Talent sparked off chat as fans discover Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer was West End music star – The Sun


BRITAIN’S Got Talent has launched a “landline” as fans discover that Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer is already a star in a West End musical.

Fayth Ifil, 12, heads straight to the semifinals after impressing the judges with his performance of Rolling on a River by Tina Turner.

    Fayth Ifil is a star in the West End3
Fayth Ifil is a star in the West EndCredit: Rex Features

She won over Simon after revealing that her confidence had been shaken by “negative energy in school”.

But fans said they felt “cheated” after finding out that the boy had played a young version of the superstar singer in TINA – The Tina Turner Musical.

She also starred as Tamika in School of Rock when she was only ten, but her acting career was not mentioned in the series.

One fan said, “So a girl who plays Tina Turner in Where is end comes to sing a song by Tina Turner and gets a golden buzzer. Yeah, it was good but it seems a little unfair #BGT. ”

    She was amazed to get Simon's Golden Buzzer3
She was amazed to get Simon’s Golden BuzzerCredit: Rex Features

Another said, “So in all of the bullying discussions, the girl who got the golden buzzer forgot to mention Where is end? It must have escaped him. ”

Someone else added, “BGT a shy girl goes on stage to sing! The next 5 minutes, you read that she played the child Tina Turner Where is End! I feel so fooled! Please resume the golden buzzer now! ”

A fan added: “2nd golden buzzer? What a fix this so-called talent show poop shower is #BGT. ”

But others praised his performance, adding: ” Fayth – A 12-year-old trust and a voice like that, she has a bright future ahead of her. ”

    She performed a song by Tina Turner3
She performed a song by Tina TurnerCredit: Rex Features

“Tears of pride and joy Fayth‘Audition… 12 years old and sing a song like Proud Mary as she is the child in love with Tina Turner. What an absolute superstar. #BGT, “said another.

Fayth performed in the West End twice a week in the opening song.

She returned in the final issue with adult Tina for a breathtaking performance.

She told announcer Swindon, “I really like to play.

“It’s really fun to see the faces of the audience reacting to the different parts of the show. It really makes me proud of the other cast members.

“When I go on stage, I can’t believe it. It’s like “wow!” “, She added.


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