Brighton President Tony Bloom admits Premier League fears ahead of Friday meeting


Brighton President Tony Bloom has admitted he is concerned that the Premier League season will not end.

Bloom insisted that playing the remaining games is still their # 1 priority, but said there “comes a time” when this is not possible.

At least nine Premier League clubs want to increase the prospect of ending the season by June 30 at Friday’s meeting due to concerns over the uncertainty of player contracts and trade agreements.

“We are used to having uncertainty in March and April about the league we are going to be in,” said Bloom.

“Not only do we have this uncertainty, but we don’t know when the games will be played, whether the season will end and the situation of players without a contract at the end of June.

“We would very much like the season to end every time it does, but there comes a time when you cannot keep waiting.

Brighton owner Tony Bloom

“I don’t think June 30 is the time we talk about because that’s when players’ contracts run out and it’s difficult to play beyond.

“But this situation is unique, it is unprecedented, so all the options have to be considered, so I don’t think we can automatically say if we can’t finish before June 30, so the season has to end with the new season which begins again in August. “

“But I think that every solution must be examined. At Premier League meetings, they examine different scenarios. We hear from the government regularly and now is not the time to make a final decision, although we would like to know for sure.

“But at some point we have to make a decision and one of them is about contracts and player transfers for the new season, as well as a whole range of different operational things. “

The country remains locked

Friday’s meeting of 20 clubs will focus more on how the season could restart rather than WHEN league leaders should suggest players may resume full training in May according to lockout guidelines to prepare to resume games in June.

They will also discuss a range of ideas on how to play the remaining games, including a hotel lockout for players, games on neutral sites, and piling them up in a six-week period with everyone. world long resigned to playing behind closed doors.

However, they will still not be able to come up with concrete plans on the dates and Brighton CEO Paul Barber admitted that this creates “uncertainty” among the clubs.

When asked if Brighton was one of the nine clubs, Barber did not respond but added, “Ideally we want the season to end, but we also want to make sure we don’t damage next season, so there will be a point and I will not do it ”I don’t know what this point is and we have to make a call to this point.

“I think there will be (one last point), it would be dishonest to say no but our priority remains to finish this season but also the secondary thing to make sure not to damage next season and in order to reach both goals somewhere in the middle, there is going to be a point in which we have to accept that this might not be possible.

“We are not there yet, we are still very optimistic but we are also very aware of adding additional pressure to the government or to the NHS by pushing too hard to practice a sport that we all love but in order things is at the bottom of the priority list at the moment.

“We have to be open-minded and, even if it’s a bit of a cliché, no idea is a bad idea in a situation like this.

“An idea that may not be entirely right could trigger another. “


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