Brighton president calls on Liverpool to win Premier League title, but relegation is removed


Brighton President and Hove Albion Tony Bloom said teams cannot be relegated from the Premier League on a points-per-match basis if the season cannot end, but added that Liverpool should always be crowned champion.

The coronavirus crisis continues to wreak havoc in sports around the world, with the Premier League now hoping that it can resume operations with closed games in June if it can be done safely.

But with the virus that dictates everything, there is a real concern that the 2019/20 season cannot be played until its end.

If that happened, Seagulls owner Bloom said that using a point-per-game system to determine relegation would simply be impractical and would not get the necessary support from clubs to get through.

Bloom thinks relegating clubs would be too cruel

“I do not foresee a situation, if the season is not played out, that the teams will be relegated on a basis of points per match,” Bloom told the Telegraph.

“I just don’t think it’s conceivable that a team that isn’t allowed to play the season could lose 0.2 points and that doesn’t take into account the strength of the teams that you haven’t played .

“You can get a title winner – obviously Liverpool deserves it – you can use these criteria for European qualification, but I don’t see how anyone can vote for it, certainly the [70] necessary for the teams to be relegated. “

Bloom says Liverpool “obviously deserves” title

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Bloom added that the discussions that the clubs have with the league are still very focused on the resumption of the season.

“When we talk to the Premier League clubs and the Premier League itself, I think it’s about finishing this season,” he said.

“If we come to a situation where it is decided that the season cannot be over, then we have to have serious conversations about what is going to happen for next season. “


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