Brian Urlacher is not a fan of Robert Quinn’s Bears


The Chicago Bears made one of the biggest free agency splashes a few weeks ago when they signed a deal with leading veteran Robert Rinn. The former Dallas Cowboy signed a $ 70 million, five-year contract with $ 30 million fully guaranteed.

The acquisition also saw the release of linebacker Leonard Floyd, who was drafted with the ninth pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

Most fans were pleased with this decision, as Quinn will start opposite linebacker Khalil Mack to give the Bears a boost when it comes to putting pressure on the quarterback. But a Bears Hall of Famer was not among them.

Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher was invited to ESPN 1000 Waddle and Silvy Tuesday afternoon and revealed that he did not think the team should have signed on to the former All-Pro.

“It’s not a blow to the player, [but] I didn’t like Robert Quinn’s signature, “said Urlacher. “I liked him, he had a great season last year, a very good football player. I’m coming – you paid Khalil [Mack] all this money, he gets all this money. Akiem Hicks is a badass in the middle, making all that money. I understand that you are getting rid of Floyd. But do you need to spend that much money on another guy in advance? “

Urlacher added that he believed a healthy Hicks would significantly improve defense and that the top seven would be good without Quinn.

“I think you might find someone to lobby on this side,” said Urlacher. “Khalil has two guys, no matter who is there anyway, and with Akiem back, it’s going to be different. Once he is in good health, we have all seen how much he counts for their defense when he is not in there. “

The former big Bears reiterated that he thinks a lot about Quinn, who had 11.5 bags last year as a member of the Cowboys, but believes that it is not necessary to invest as much money in part of the defense.

Are you happy with the amount of money the Bears would have given Quinn? Or should they have spent this money to strengthen other positions such as the offensive line or the wide receiver?


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