Brian Kelly strongly disagrees with Kirk Herbstreit’s prediction


Kirk Herbstreit was on ESPN radio last week and was asked about the chances of playing football, professional or college as we know this fall. Herbstreit is an opinion and it did not come with much optimism.

Brian Kelly made an appearance on SportsBeat on 96.1 FM at South Bend on Thursday and Notre Dame football coach was asked about Herbstreit’s comments. Let’s just say – he is sure to believe that he is not so much in agreement with the ESPN analyst.

Look, I hope like everyone else that Kelly is right and that college football is going off without a hitch in 2020. However, I also think it’s a little bad to go after Herbstreit so hard to answer the question that asked him. has been asked.

Look at New York, look at Florida, which largely shut down the state today, and see how important everything about the Corona virus has become. Do you now think it is a two-foot putt that college football will normally operate with around 80,000 fans in stadiums across the country?

Herbstreit is an educated man who covers college football and generally does a very good job. Just because his profession is in sport doesn’t mean that he is not informed enough to think logically for himself. I understand why Kelly is upset, but a scientist or a doctor must not find out that Herbstreit is more and more likely to be right.

The City of Toronto has closed its regular operations until at least June 1. Kelly goes on to say that ideally, training should start in mid-June so that things stop perfectly for college football. He had previously told Scott Van Pelt of SportsCenter earlier that July 1 would be the date to get things done so that a regular season schedule can be played.

Again, I cannot say how much I hope Herbstreit is wrong. It would mean good news for a nation and a world that could use it right now and it would mean that we have largely overcome a pandemic on a national scale. I hope and pray that this is the case, but again, I would be lying if I said I was optimistic.

We will post a link to the full interview with Brian Kelly once it is posted on their website. We’ll also see what Notre Dame’s head coach had to say in a later post, so be on the lookout tonight. Stay safe and have a good night. -NS


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