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The reaction came when business leaders called on the Prime Minister to ask for an extension because there is not enough time to complete trade negotiations. Although the government has insisted that it will not ask for an extension, business leaders have warned that there is “not enough bandwidth” to complete negotiations due to the epidemic of coronavirus.

Some on the continent have already said they will accept an extension, but members of the public have expressed outrage at the possibility.

Paul Cook wrote on Facebook, “Don’t take it Boris.

“If you do, you will be playing in their hands. “

Another said, “No, he won’t do it or better not do it.


“It is clear from the way the EU has treated Italy and Spain that the EU is a useless organization.

“We are better off without them and we certainly shouldn’t be sending them more money. “

Bernadette Hawman said, “Don’t delay Boris!

“We voted for you to honor our wishes to leave!” “

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EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier then contracted the virus, forcing him and his counterpart, David Frost, to isolate himself.

Talks resumed this week via video link as the two countries discussed the withdrawal agreement.

Further discussions are expected in the future, although some European diplomats have said it is likely that the transition will have to be prolonged.

One said, “It is becoming increasingly clear that the transition period will have to be extended.

“It is a matter of political momentum – when things go so badly in Britain that Johnson can turn around and say he prioritizes saving lives and therefore delays Brexit. “

UK business leaders also agreed on the need for an extension due to COVID-19.

Helen Brocklebank, CEO of luxury industry representatives Walpole, said, “Everyone is hoping for an extension.

“Brexit is taking a back seat right now as companies fight to survive. “

The deadline to request an extension is June 30.


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