Brendan O’Carroll, star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, dies of sister in Canada


The creator of Mrs. Brown’s Boys, Brendan O’Carroll, is in mourning after the death of her sister in Canada.

The star and her brother Eilish shared how they both managed to say goodbye last month.

Eilish, who stars with the funny man in the BBC blockbuster comedy, told the Irish Mirror how his comedian brother had a last moment with his beloved Fiona, who was like a “second mom” for the Dublin native.

The 68-year-old said: “I had to stop a lot of things for me [recently].

“Unfortunately, my sister fell very ill and died in Canada on March 3.

“I was there with her for Christmas but we only managed to get out the day after her death. “

She added, “He was there to see her and made her talk, laugh and sing and I knew she was hanging on to him.

“They were very close, she was like a second mom. Absolutely. For her, I know it was her wish to see him and she did it and it was adorable. “

Eilish O’Carroll (left) recounted his agony after losing his sister

Eilish, who plays Winnie McGoogan in the longtime sitcom, said the tight-knit family had finished filming the All Round To Mrs Brown spin-off at their BBC studios in Glasgow before hearing the news of the heartbreaking death from Fiona.

She added, “We had to stay there for a few weeks. And then we flew back here and actually went to the lockdown.

“None of this had happened when we took off, but we returned on March 16 and we were directly in solitary confinement because we had made a long distance flight and it has been the same since.

“So it was a blessing and I can’t wait to see the tour which will hopefully start in June, but who knows.

“I’m still in my head,” yes, June, everything will be over and we will return to normal “. “

Brendan may have been with his family to mourn Fiona’s death

Eilish also admitted that she felt comforted in her own grief by keeping people’s spirits high during the recent coronavirus outbreak.

She said, “Comedy tends to thrive at times like this, like during the last recession, comedy took off. “

She added, “When people are back to the wall and they don’t know what the future holds, humor tends to be the only thing that lifts them up and gives them some rest.

“And thank God, I mean I have the privilege of participating in this. “


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