Bray Wyatt Gifts Braun Strowman A sheep mask, Match Match for the money in the bank


bray wyatt

(Photo by Monica Schipper / FilmMagic)

Braun Strowman may have just won his first ever WWE Universal Championship, but that won’t stop Bray Wyatt from trying to get it back. In a recent segment of Moment of Bliss, Strowman attempted to discuss the victory and the significance of the recent Wyatt messages, but was again interrupted by Wyatt, this time with a gift.

After taking a look at last week’s interactions and declaring that he wouldn’t be against Wyatt, Strowman noticed a gift in the corner of the ring. While he originally assumed the gift was from Alexa Bliss, he was unfortunately mistaken. After opening the box, Strowman discovered a black sheep mask, the same one he used to wear when he was a member of the Bray Wyatt “family” a long time ago. After the segment, WWE has confirmed that Wyatt and Strowman will compete against each other in WWE’s Money in the Bank Pay-For-Pay for the WWE Universal Championship.

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