Boyzlife Hope Song to be “hymn for the elderly” during coronavirus outbreak


Boyzlife hopes his latest single will become an “anthem” for the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Keith Duffy.

The pop supergroup, made up of Duffy and Brian McFadden of Westlife, donates the profits from their single You Needed Me to the charity Age UK.

The song, originally recorded by Boyzone in 1999, features the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and appears on their first upcoming album, Strings Attached.

Duffy, 45, said he wanted to let the elderly and the vulnerable know that they could be helped in isolation.

He told the Palestinian Authority news agency, “We want people to know that the elderly are there, and that people care, and that Age UK can fight for you if you are old and help you if you don’t feel well.

Boyzlife has high hopes for the new single

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“If this song becomes an anthem for Age UK and people listen to it, awareness is created.

“Words lend themselves very well to reaching out and helping others – looking for someone when he has broken down, letting people know that there is someone who cares.

“This is the message we are spreading, this is what this song does. “

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Duffy said that recording the album was a “very long but very useful” process, a process they only completed a few weeks before the lock.

McFadden, 39, who worked as an NHS volunteer during the epidemic, said many Westlife fans were among the elderly left alone.

“Right now, the people most affected are the elderly,” he told PA.

Keith Duffy wants new single to be adopted

“Age UK is a fantastic charity that helps them, providing food and medicine to people, even simple things like talking to people who are alone on the phone.

“Boyzone dates back to 26 years, so many of our fans who may have been in their forties when we started out, they are now considered elderly.

“We wanted to do something for them. “

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