Boris Johnson “expected to return to office as Prime Minister on Monday” after beating a coronavirus


Prime Minister Boris Johnson may be back at work on Monday after continuing his recovery from the coronavirus.

The PM was diagnosed with Covid-19 earlier this month, before being admitted to hospital when his condition worsened.

Johnson has raised fears across the country after being rushed to the intensive care unit of a London hospital 24 hours after his admission to the hospital.

PM defeated the deadly virus, which claimed the lives of 17,000 Britons, before continuing its recovery in Checkers.

Boris Johnson speaking during his video message

Now, Johnson may return to Downing Street as early as Monday, reports say.

The Prime Minister told aides to schedule meetings with cabinet ministers next week to keep up to date, reports the Telegraph.

Johnson was released from a London hospital earlier this month.

He will return to replace Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab, who replaced Mr. Johnson.

On Friday, Donald Trump said the Prime Minister looked like “old Boris” when he spoke to him a few days ago.

He told reporters at the White House press conference: “He called me a few days ago. He looked incredible. He was ready to go. It’s like old Boris, great energy, great training.

“I was very surprised. He called me closely when he got out of the hospital. I think he’s doing very well. He was so lively and energetic. ”


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