Boris Johnson “doing well” in hospital with coronavirus as he hopes he will return to Downing Street “soon”


Boris Johnson is said to be “in good health” at the hospital as he undergoes tests for his persistent symptoms of coronavirus.

Prime Minister undergoes “routine tests” after being admitted to hospital on Sunday, where he spent the night in care.

Housing and Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said Mr. Johnson would return to Downing Street “as soon as possible” and insisted that he was still in charge of the government.

“He spent the night in the hospital and of course we all wish him luck and hope that as a result of these tests he can return to Downing Street as soon as possible,” Jenrick told BBC Radio 4’s Today.

What does admission to Boris Johnson Hospital mean?

“He has worked very hard to lead the government and is constantly updated. It will continue.

“Obviously he is in the hospital today to be tested, but he will continue to be kept informed and to run the government. “

He added: “I’m sure it’s very frustrating for him, for someone like Boris who wants to lead the government from the front, but nonetheless he is still very much in charge of the government. “

Jenrick expressed his hope that the Prime Minister will return to Downing Street “shortly”.

Asked about the possibility of spending more time in the hospital, Jenrick said, “He will obviously follow the advice of the doctors and nurses who do these tests and act on them.

“It should be emphasized that going to the hospital was a precautionary measure, he undergoes routine tests on the advice of his doctors, this is not an emergency admission, so I certainly expect which he will return to number 10 shortly. “

The Prime Minister has been isolated for more than a week after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Coronavirus in figures: 4,934 deaths in UK hospitals

Meanwhile, his fiancee Carrie Symonds also said she suffered from coronavirus symptoms.

Symonds, who is pregnant, said she spent the last week in bed with an illness.

People from all political backgrounds expressed sympathy for the couple.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said this morning that Mr. Johnson’s situation was “hellish”.

He said today: “I have all the sympathy and solidarity with him. I know it must be a hellish situation. “

The number of deaths from coronavirus patients in the UK hospitals are 4,934.

It is expected to exceed 5,000 today, after increasing to 621 yesterday.


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