Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab warn about protectionism after the Donald Trump raid on masks


Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab Warn World Leaders Against “Worsening Damage” To Coronavirus With “Harmful Protectionism” After Germany Accused Donald Trump’s Regime Of “Modern Piracy” For Alleged Interception protective medical equipment for Berlin.

In an article for The Telegraph, Raab says international “teamwork” is essential to fight the pandemic, as he reveals that he, the Prime Minister and Liz Truss, the Secretary of Commerce had incited world leaders keep trade routes open. .

The intervention comes after a report by Global Trade Alert, a Swiss group, last month warned that 54 governments had introduced 46 restrictions on the export of medical supplies since the beginning of the year. Andreas Geisel, Minister of the Interior of Berlin, said on Friday that a shipment of masks from 3M, an American company, had been “confiscated” in Bangkok and had never arrived in Berlin from China, where they were made. The company said it did not recognize the information.

Geisel said: “We consider this to be an act of modern piracy. You don’t treat your transatlantic partners like that. “

Last week, Trump said he was “not satisfied” with 3M as he unleashed powers to authorize the US federal authorities to use “any authority” to purchase his N95 respirators – a decision by Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, described as a “mistake”.

Today, Mr. Raab says: “The Prime Minister, the Secretary of Commerce and I are pressuring the G7 and G20 groups in major economies to keep trade routes open – and to avoid further aggravating the harm of Covid-19 with damaging protectionism.

“Teamwork is essential to defeating coronaviruses. The Prime Minister is determined to unite the country behind the national mission at home and to unite countries abroad – so we are facing a global challenge that threatens us all. “

The government’s new online “dedicated supply channel” reveals that protective equipment supplied to NHS hospitals comes from countries such as China, Germany, Thailand and the United States. The United States is listed as the country of origin for five 3M items used to test face masks.

The site states: “We have stocks on order from the UK and European countries in addition to suppliers based in the Far East to continue securing a pipeline and restocking our stocks to help ensure these products are delivered first line. “


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