Body of second Kennedy family member found in Chesapeake Bay


In a statement released Wednesday, former Lieutenant Governor Townsend thanked Governor Hogan, the Department of Natural Resources and the police.

“They have helped us to put an end to this terrible loss, and our family will always be grateful for their tireless work,” she said.

Monday, in a video, Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III of Massachusetts recalled that his cousin, Mrs. McKean, was “an amazing mom.”

“Maeve was my closest cousin of the age I looked at,” said Kennedy, adding that she was “an incredibly dynamic young woman.”

Ms. McKean was the executive director of the Global Health Initiative at Georgetown University and a Peace Corps volunteer. She served on the board of directors for the Brady campaign and the human rights organization Robert F. Kennedy, said Townsend on Friday.

“Our Maeve has dedicated her life to helping the most vulnerable in society,” she said.

Mr. McKean and Ms. McKean had three children: Gideon, Gabriella and Toby. In his Facebook post, McKean said his wife was his soul mate and called his compassionate and courageous son.

“I marveled at him as a toddler and feared he was too perfect to exist in this world,” said McKean. “It seems to me now that it was. “

Michael Levenson contributed to the report.


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