Bob Odenkirk thought “better call Saul” was “just another project” – until he saw the billboard


Vince Gilligan dreamed breaking Bad while having some sort of midlife crisis and when he did, he had no idea that one of the secondary characters, the shady criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, would end up with a spin acclaimed by the critical. The showrunner admitted he was “tickled” to hear that some fans are starting to like You better call Saul better than the show on which it is based.

And the star of the show Bob Odenkirk was just as enthusiastic. As he revealed during a recent appearance on James Corden, he did not expect You better call Saul to become one of the highlights of his career. And yet here we are.

Bob Odenkirk
Bob Odenkirk | Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Bob Odenkirk worried about disappointing viewers with spin-off

The 57-year-old actor and comedian realized that he had a lot to live for when he agreed to participate in a breaking Bad fallout that would especially attract these fans. Even then, the show was considered one of the greatest of all time and ended on a positive note. These fans had high expectations and Odenkirk – as well as showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould – were very aware of the possibility of disappointing these loyal followers.

Odenkirk said it looked like an “interesting” show but not
necessarily able to achieve the same level of success. “I entered Better
Call Saul
thinking it’s just another project, “he told Corden.

But everything changed when he was on
his way back from filming the pilot and saw a Better
Call Saul
promo advertising panel. It was then that Odenkirk realized that he was
better or worse.

“Better Call Saul” was almost a very different type of show

Originally, Gilligan envisioned the fallout on Saul Goodman
like a half hour comedy that was nothing like the original. But he
quickly realized that this was not where the equipment was taking him.

“When we started concocting the idea of ​​making a
fallout, we literally thought it would be a half hour show, “said the co-creator.
Rolling stone. “It would be something like Dr. Katz, where it’s basically Saul
Goodman in his crazy office with the polystyrene columns and he visited all
week by a different stand-up comic. “

It is strange to imagine that now, with You better call Saul
become as dramatic as breaking Bad was. Obviously, the writers did
the right call.

Some fans think “Better Call Saul” will overtake “Breaking”
Bad “by the time it ends

While many fans consider breaking Bad the greatest series of all time, there is a growing number of fans who think You better call Saul will eventually overtake the show it’s based on, especially since there’s an entire season to go.

The second half of season 5 resulted in some of the highest ranked episodes in the breaking Bad universe, “Bagman” receiving a score of 9.8 on IMDb and “Bad Choice Road” receiving a score of 9.9 Meanwhile the biggest breaking Bad episode ever, “Ozymandias”, got a perfect score of 10. Will You better call Saul reach the same heights?

Odenkirk did not expect You better call Saul to be a great
treat. But now that Emmy nominations are looming, fans are starting to petition
that he gets the recognition he deserves for his work on the show. He can have
thought Better Call Saul was just another project – instead, it’s the legacy of work
are made in.


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