Blue Meanie recalls making peace with JBL after overnight incident


The Blue Meanie looked back at its infamous JBL hand injury at One Night Stand 2005 and how they made peace soon after in a new interview. Speaking to Wrestling Inc., Meanie recalled the incident when HBL legitimately injured him in a fight between WWE and the ECW list. Some highlights are below:

On the long-standing heat relationships between the two: “The odd thing is that John and I have been reconciled for a long time and that we are friends. It was sometime ago and pretty much right after the incident. He was my supporter and helped me here and there down there. I was very happy that he reached out and supported him. People seem to forget that we have reconciled. When the Royal Rumble was here in Philly, he offered to surprise me with ECW. So John and I have been reconciled for a long time and we’re cool. “

When they buried the hatchet: “After it all happened, I left for a bit on my own website and on the news sites. WWE brought me in and when we got into the building, they said, “Well, you’re fighting with JBL tonight.” I say, “Does John know that?” They say, “You’re going to hit a moonsault and you’re going to win and I am going,’ Does John know that? ‘It was in Sacramento during a SuperShow and JBL comes,’ Hey man, do you want to talk? ‘We are going to find a room that is well in the bowels of the building and I think that is a bit odd. I’m going, if I walk into the room and there is plastic on the floor then I’ll run! We walk into the room and he says, “Hey man, we can talk or we can fight” and I didn’t want to fight. So, we just talked. I gave him my perspective and he said there were a lot of things he didn’t remember. “


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