Blue Bloods fans think it’s time for Frank Reagan to start dating


At the height of Tom Selleck’s claim to glory, Magnum PI, Selleck was really the sex symbol, even if his show didn’t change as much romance. Now fans are starting to wonder if his current claim to fame, Blue blood, should give her character some love – that is, a love life.

The idea has already been raised, but it was the suggestion that fans recently made on Twitter when the show’s official account asked, “If you could give Frank Regan some advice, what would it be? “

Fans want romance for Frank Reagan

Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan
Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) | John Paul Filo / CBS via Getty Images

The very first answer on the Blue blood Twitter feed said, “Find a woman, Frank. It’s time. You deserve love. Another said, “Get a good woman in her life!” He’s a man too wonderful to be alone. And a third person said, “Go on a date, Frank!” To fall in love. “

Since the thread was released shortly before Valentine’s Day, the romance must have been on the minds of viewers, but this is not the first time the question has arisen. Without a doubt inspired by their penchant for Magnum, fans want to see a character embodied by Selleck reliving a romantic life. It would stir up more than a few fantasies.

But it would certainly fill a hole in Frank’s life. Viewers have never seen Frank’s wife; he was a widower at the start of the show. According to the biography of her character, she had been married to Mary Reagan since the early 1970s, but she died of cancer in 2005. She is only seen in the photos or mentioned during the famous family dinner scenes of the show.

Other characters from “Blue Bloods” also experienced romantic difficulties

Lack of love, or at least love problems, was also a recurring theme in Frank’s children. Erin Reagan had a stormy relationship and Jamie Reagan also had problems, at least at the start of the series.

A 2015 article on Quora noted their romantic difficulties, asking, “Why can’t Frank and Jamie Reagan find a regular girlfriend and Erin find a regular boyfriend in Blue Bloods?”

One respondent replied, “The cops go out together, get married, have families, divorce, get drunk blindly, use drugs – and risk their lives to save the lives of others. Almost like real people … But it’s a story. If that required Frank to have a romantic interest, we could somehow appear. Maybe he and Baker would start “lunching” together. Or an old flame would return to New York. “

The show addressed Jamie’s love life, having him marry his partner, Eddie, and while being married to your police partner has his own problems, so far, the most upset that Eddie has caused to the family recently tries, without much success, to turn them on herbal burgers.

What does Tom Selleck have to say about Frank’s love life?

So where does that leave Frank? Sentenced to a widower’s hood as long as Blue blood short? Tom Selleck seems to think so. TV Insider asked about a romance between her character and that of Bebe Neuwirth, but Selleck didn’t think it would go beyond flirting.

“I love working with Bebe, but I don’t see their characters getting married. People always say that Frank must be alone, so when are we going to make a romantic story? It is important that he remains a single man in the overall concept because it is part of the sacrifice he made. And how do you meet, fall in love and then the relationship ends in one episode? “

For now, at least, Frank seems to have found comfort in Jamie’s marriage to Eddie, but if people want to see Tom Selleck become romantic, they will have to turn to friends and his relationship with Courteney Cox.


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