Blood Tribe adopts emergency protection regulations


The full rules can be viewed here. The settlement will allow Council members to make settlements “from time to time” regarding a number of emergency matters, for COVID-19 and any future emergency scenario.

Regulations could include operating an emergency plan, requiring a curfew, funding reimbursement of costs, and controlling circulation in the blood supply.

In addition to the settlement, the Blood Tribe changed the curfew that was put in place on March 30. The chief and council issued a curfew to slow traffic from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The previous curfew focused on Blood Tribes under the age of 18, but now extends to Blood Tribes of all ages.

Details on the modified curfew can be found here.

In a statement released on Saturday, Blood Tribe Councilor Dorothy First Rider said the regulations allow the chief and council to respond to health emergencies quickly, completely and effectively to ensure safety and well-being of the Blood Tribe community.


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