BlackBerry unveils China-supported hacking campaign


BlackBerry Ltd. claims to have discovered how China-backed hackers have been able to extract data from many servers around the world for a decade without being noticed.

BlackBerry director Eric Cornelius said the hackers had cleverly disguised some of their software tools to appear as adware with low security risk.

Cornelius says the tactic gives hackers the ability to extract information from huge amounts of valuable data on web servers running the Linux operating system.

He says that the hacking tools are not new but have been generally overlooked as most cybersecurity efforts are focused on mass market operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Google Android.

BlackBerry says in a 44-page report that five separate groups with ties to the Chinese government have been targeting Linux systems for a decade.

The federal government’s Canadian Cybersecurity Center says it works with partners to monitor and manage potential threats, but does not comment on specific incidents.


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