Bills WR donates material to Patriots bulletin board after Tom Brady’s departure


At various times during this off-season, the New England Patriots were connected to some of the free quarterbacks on the open market. And after losing Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, speculation has grown that they may add a veteran to compete with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer in the quarter room.

One guy who has been mentioned quite often is Cam Newton. The 2015 MVP was released by the Carolina Panthers this offseason, but has not yet signed with a team.

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Newton was linked to the Patriots mainly by betting odds, which makes sense. After all, Stidham is inexperienced and Hoyer was an average starter at best during his time in the NFL. Newton has a history of high level play when he is in good health, so maybe he is worth it for the right team.

But will the Patriots really chase him? One of the team’s former staff doesn’t think so.

In a recent interview with Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio, Scott Pioli, who worked at the Patriots’ front office from 2000 to 2008, spoke of Newton’s connection to the Patriots. And ultimately, he doesn’t think Bill Belichick and Newton could coexist.

“With Cam Newton, the Patriots thing is interesting because I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it. In my mind, after spending as much time with Bill as I do, I don’t see these two coexisting together, “Pioli told me. “Personalities and beliefs about how the game should be played and played, it looks like oil and water. “

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Pioli joked that the Patriots will likely come out and sign Newton after hearing these comments. But he ultimately thinks that Belichick and Newton would not be well integrated.

“I just see them as very different personalities and with very different approaches to the game,” said Pioli. “Bill believes in football more than entertainment. Cam believes that football and entertainment are almost equal partners. And nowadays it is, but Bill has the soul of a footballer. I couldn’t see the one who was training too And if I did, it would probably be for only one season. “

Pioli is making good points and that may be the reason why the team has not shown much interest in Newton so far. Since the team seems to believe in Stidham, it would probably make no sense to them to bring Newton in to compete for the job if they were concerned about how he might fit into the team.

Patriot fans should have a better idea of ​​what the quarterback hall will look like after the 2020 NFL draft occurs. The Patriots can take another young player to position to compete with Stidham and Hoyer. If they do, it would probably completely eliminate the possibility of them adding another veteran quarterback, if that option isn’t already on the table.


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