Bills QB Josh Allen: “I understand the size of a year”


Josh Allen knows what time it is. It’s time to take the next step for his team, the Buffalo Bills, and for himself.

“What we have is something special,” said Allen in a conference call on Friday. “I understand the size of a year. “

Allen reached a solid milestone in the second year of his NFL career, as did the Bills, reaching the playoffs. The former Wyoming star increased his completion percentage by six points (58.8% from 52.8% as a rookie), threw 20 touchdown passes for only nine interceptions after being upside down l ‘previous year (10 TD and 12 INT) and showed his clutch gene, leading the Bills to five winning discs. Allen did all of this without a real # 1 receiver.

Enter Stefon Diggs, who was added this offseason for the cost of four draft choices.

“This is a huge, huge boost for our attack and for our team in this regard,” said Allen of the Diggs acquisition. “Even going against our guys in training it will also improve the guys in defense a lot. “

It’s this team spirit that the Bills Mafia has embraced. However, the addition of Diggs mixed the offensive play, shifting Cole Beasley and John Brown from 1 and 1A to more complementary roles, while Diggs – on paper and based on past results – gives Allen a receiver of elite in the strength of his career.

“He is one of the best road runners in the league,” added Allen. “He realizes these incredible contested catches, the ability to run after catch that he has when he has the ball in his hands. It’s quite remarkable. To have such a weapon, it makes me super happy. “

Allen also knows that he shouldn’t be the only one excited about the addition.

“It should also make our other guys super happy because the attention will have to be somewhere else,” he said. “It will open up some things in our attack. “

The timing of this offense will begin to work together remains in question due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, Allen continues to monitor teammates from his California offseason home while chatting with the coaching staff, making sure he is as prepared as possible, every time the 2020-21 season begin.

“If things go down, we will go back and we will adjust, but we are not going to have a different state of mind because of what is going on,” he said. “You have to stay focused and stay ready. So it’s kind of the state of mind that coach (offensive coordinator Brian) Daboll also conveyed to me and that’s what I think, but at the same time, we want everyone to be We don’t want to put anyone in danger of getting sick, and I think that’s what everyone should be doing right now. ”


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