Bills, Packers sued Emmanuel Sanders


Emmanuel Sanders became the third highest paid free broadcaster this offseason, dragging the younger gables Amari cooper and Robby Anderson. But before signing a $ 16 million Saints agreement over two years, the veteran aroused great interest in the market.

In addition to the 49ers who wanted to hold him back and some interest from the Cowboys and Jets, two teams from the 2019 playoffs looked for Sanders. The bills and the Packers were in the mix for 33 years off, Sanders confirmed.

Both teams contacted him on the first day of the legal alteration period, as did the 49ers. Although the bills discussed an agreement with Sanders, they did reach an agreement to acquire Stefon Diggs less than an hour after the parties’ phone call.

I chatted a bit with the bills and said, “Let me think about the idea; give me a night“Said Sanders in an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show (audio link). ” And 30 minutes later, the deal with Stefon Diggs was made, and I thought, “OK.” So I kind of waited. I was talking to Green Bay; I was talking to the Niners, just trying to figure out what type of transaction, what type of money we are talking about. And then the saints called. I was ecstatic about them, the opportunity to play with Drew Breesand the numbers made sense. “

While Buffalo has unloaded a major asset to strengthen its reception body with a younger player, Green Bay has taken the cheapest route by signing Diviner Funchess. The Packers are still on the receiver market when the project opens. Their Davante Adams the sidekick contingent failed, leaving the Packers with an obvious need. The 49ers acquired the Colts’ No. 13 overall choice in the DeForest Buckner trade, and they will also likely be vying for a wide first-round receiver.

Sanders said he signed with the Saints because of their recurring infraction reminding him of his first season with the Broncos in 2014, and because of Brees’ two-year contract. It is not yet known if Brees will play in 2021, but Sanders seems to want that to happen.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.


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