Bill Peters moves to Russia for first job since leaving Calgary


Bill Peters returned to professional hockey on Wednesday when he was appointed coach of the Russian hockey club Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg.

Peters resigned as coach of the Calgary Flames last year following allegations that he had previously used racial slurs and beaten players.

“I think over time we all grow and improve and become better versions of ourselves, and I’m no different from that. You learn from all the experiences you have and you get better, “Peters said in a video conference with Russian media.

“It is no different right now, going through a very difficult time right now in the world with the global pandemic, and I believe we will get out of this, and when we get out of this people, it will be better people to that and more passionate and compassionate towards each other and more patient. “

Peters was speaking from a distance and it was unclear when he would join Avtomobilist amidst travel restrictions imposed by Russia during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The future is a bit unpredictable, of course,” he said. “It will take us a long time to get out of our current situation with regard to the global pandemic, but I am excited about the opportunity to go to KHL and challenge myself to be able to do good work for a full season, two seasons, whatever the duration. “

Resignation of the flames

Peters’ resignation came after former NHL player Akim Aliu, who is of Nigerian and Ukrainian descent, alleged that Peters had used racial slurs to him several times during the season 2009-10 when the two were with the best miner of the Chicago Blackhawks. affiliated with the league of Rockford, Illinois. Lawyer for Toronto-based Aliu did not respond to a request for comment by email from the Canadian Press.

Peters resigned on November 29 after a team investigation. He apologized to the Flames and general manager Brad Treliving for using “offensive language” at Rockford two days before his resignation.

Former NHL defender Michal Jordan also said Peters kicked him while the two were with the Carolina Hurricanes.

The motorist’s best player, Pavel Datsyuk, but Peters said he didn’t know if the 41-year-old former Detroit Red Wings center would stay with the club for next season. Datsyuk’s contract expires at the end of the month.

Former NHL player Nigel Dawes, who is of Jamaican descent, has played in the last two seasons with this team.

The Kontinental Hockey League gave up its 2019-20 season last month, halfway through the playoffs, saying the pandemic couldn’t keep it going.


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