Bill Gates Says Billions Will Be Spent On Abandoned Coronavirus Vaccination Efforts


Software giant and philanthropist Bill Gates said Thursday that to accelerate the development of a coronavirus vaccine, billions of dollars will be spent on efforts that will ultimately be abandoned in favor of more promising ones.

In an interview with the host of “The Daily Show” Trevor NoahTrevor NoahThe Hill’s 12:30 Report: House to vote on .2T stimulus after a mad rush to Washington NBC News worker dies from coronavirus infection ‘Staff member’ shows drug tests coronaviruses are positive PLUS, Gates said that instead of focusing on one of the seven different “vaccine builds” first, plans are in place to build factories for the seven, even if only one or two will ultimately materialize. .

Earlier in the pandemic, Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, donated $ 100 million to fight COVID-19 through their eponymous foundation, which fights infectious diseases worldwide.

“It seems, however, that money cannot solve this problem,” said Noah. “It seems that governments around the world are trying everything they can, but it doesn’t seem like it can be resolved. What are you hoping to achieve right now? “

“Governments will end up finding a lot of money for these things, but they don’t know where to lead them, they can’t go that fast,” said Bill Gates.

He said the biggest problem right now is the access of the US health care system to tests to determine who has the disease and who does not. However, he added that the money he had promised could “help speed things up” at the moment.

“We have funded things to be better prepared, such as a vaccination effort,” said Bill Gates.

“So, for example, there are – of all the vaccine constructions, the seven most promising of these – even if we end up choosing at most two – we are going to finance factories for the seven”, a- he declared.

“To arrive at the best of times, let people like me and Dr. [Anthony] Fauci says that it’s about 18 months, we have to be safe and effective and build the manufacturing. … And so we’re going to give up – you know, it will be a few billion dollars that we will be wasting to build the constructions that will not be chosen because something else is better, “said Gates.

Health care professionals at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine announced on Thursday that they have produced a peer-reviewed and promising coronavirus vaccine in mice.

The vaccine is only the fourth potentially viable candidate known to be produced, although large companies such as Johnson & Johnson have claimed promising candidates.

The coronavirus has infected more than a million people worldwide and the number of confirmed cases in the United States has reached more than 245,000, resulting in at least 6,000 deaths.


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