Big Cat Country Q&A: Will the 2020 NFL season be canceled?


Aaaaaaaaaa and we are a little late this week. Blame a global pandemic.

We’re back to answer your questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars – this week about veteran quarterback Marqise Lee and the importance of cornering in this year’s NFL draft.

Dalton from Tallahassee, FL

Q: Is Marqise Lee ever cut? If so, why hasn’t this happened yet?

A: There is one of two things going on here – either we have grossly underestimated the value of Marqise Lee in the eyes of the Jaguars front office, or the team is trying to trade him and if they can’t do anything getting it worth it the worst case is that they keep him on the list for this year. I think it’s more the first than the last because I don’t think it’s a great talent, but this team needs bodies at the receiver level. They will surely spot a receiver (or two!) This year, but he is probably still the team’s third or fourth most talented receiver, despite the injuries.

Trey from North Liberty, IA

Q: Given our history with young talents leaving the team so early in their careers, what value should we place on our draft picks versus signing or swapping for experienced and experienced players?

A: Unfortunately, it is necessary to recruit young talents to build a winning football team. It won’t work (and it didn’t work) when the teams simply tried to build a team full of veterans if they didn’t have young playmakers on the list. With a horrible ABC contract, teams still hold player rights for the first four years of their career. There is not enough talent in the NFL to focus solely on the veterans. It’s not a choice of draft picks against veterans. It’s a choice of drafts versus defeats.

Thomas de Gainesville, FL

Q: How much does Yannick Ngakoue want to leave Jacksonville? Is he willing to take a lot less money (than the Jaguars offer) to play for another team?

A: I have no idea what’s going on inside Yannick Ngakoue’s head. I don’t even think he know. It seems he wants at all costs and does everything he can to alienate the fan base, motivating the front office to treat it less than it thinks. It hasn’t worked … yet. But I would be surprised if he plays for Jacksonville next season.

Frisco, TX Rice

Q: Is there a chance the Jaguars will soon sign a veteran quarterback?

A: I think they will see what the free agent market will look like after the NFL draft. Teams will not want to trade or eliminate veterans if they do not get the recruit they were aiming for.

Phil from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Who would you watch the Jaguars fish if guys like Derrick Brown, Isaiah Simmons and Jeffrey Okudah are off the set?

A: Tristan Wirfs. But there are many divergent opinions on who they will draft with their first choice in the first round. Discover all of our thoughts here.

Steven from Misawa, Japan

Q: What is the probability that Yannick Ngakoue will hold out during the season if an exchange or agreement is not reached?

A: Zero, I think.

Pat from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Given Dave Caldwell and Doug Marrone’s comments on the offensive line (and John Oehser’s writing on the subject), what is the probability that we will not accept any offensive linemen in the first four rounds? Could we focus on other positions and not spot offensive linemen at the start?

A: This one, I know is zero. I would be shocked if we hadn’t written one in the first of them Sleeves. I would put the chances of spotting an offensive lineman in the first round more than 50%.

Dre de Tallahassee, FL

Q: Will she ever come back, man?

A: No, Dre, she won’t.

Matthias from Dortmund, Germany

Q: Here in Germany, the football league plans to end the season with matches in empty stadiums. Would that find acceptance in the NFL for fans and the league?

A: I think this is a question that Roger Goodell will have to ask himself very soon because I do not see how the stadiums and the arenas will be able to open to the public by August or September… and yesterday Donald Trump held a conference by telephone with all the owners of the main sports leagues in the country. This quote from his talk really struck me:

“Sport wasn’t designed for that. The concept of our nation was not designed for that. We have to come back. We want to come back soon. Very soon. “

This is a unique quote from a president who seemed distant and out of touch with this whole coronavirus pandemic. And that’s something that I’ve probably thought a million times in the past few weeks. But unfortunately, it is an emotional response that is not based on any facts.

The Governor of California has officially declared that he does not see how the sport can happen with fans in the stands this year.

The chief medical officer of the NFL does not know how to reopen team sports in general until the virus is still present and a vaccine has not been created.

We are going to have positive cases for a very long time. I think what big sports leagues should putting their heads together is how to broadcast live games without threatening exposure to each other or to fans. Whether it’s isolated places with boneless production teams like wrestling or some other option, I don’t know. But if we can get a head start on figuration this outside, I think we can have sports in the fall. Otherwise, it will be a long wait until 2021.

Christopher from Downey, CA

Q: Does Telvin Smith ever come back?

A: Like Dre’s wife, he never returns.


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