“Better Call Saul” Season 5, episode 9 recap: bullet holes


So far, I’m not sure the writers have invested Lalo with enough clever gifts to serve as a flagship worthy of Gus. He’s charming, he’s murderous, and he can certainly jump from heights and land on his feet (In a ravine in this episode; outside the ceiling of a Travelwire last season.)

But he’s still behind Gus. It was snowy about the meth superlab. He was manipulated in prison and then manipulated out of prison. This week, he was released on bail, just as Gus had planned, and appears to be planning to release him in Mexico, just as Gus had planned. (Well, he was heading that way the last time.) And as Kim snooked him into this showdown showdown, Mike had the rifle of a rifle pointed at Lalo’s chest.

The fact is, Lalo may need more play. As a series fan and a thriller, I kind of hope that Gus’ organization is now in real jeopardy. It seems like the worst Lalo can do right now is to force Gus to blow up his own restaurants. What is bad.

But there is one episode left this season. What cliff are we currently hanging from? Kim’s death appears on the table, at least for the time being. I kind of expected Lalo to be an existential threat to Gus Inc., and we’d all be wondering if he was about to sack the feds on the guy, or was preparing to assassinate Gus, also against productive than the cartel. could be.

We still don’t know if Lalo will be back for season 6, even if it seems Jimmy’s brief reference to him in season 2 of “Breaking Bad”. My wish: that he’ll return to Mexico and come back next year, with reinforcements and new ways to wreak havoc. Much more havoc.


  • In addition to saving Jimmy’s life, Kim changes careers in this episode. She is fed up with the boredom of regulatory work for a growing regional bank, and would like to become a public defender. This irritates Jimmy, who is – as he has been at other times – focused on money. She is fearless.

  • The woman has scope. She even knows what kind of soaking bath heals a dry guy in the desert.

  • Don Eladio was behind the attempt to embezzle Lalo’s $ 7 million in cash on bail. At least, that’s what Gus concluded after talking to the elegant temperate señor. The question is, why?

    Here’s why, according to Gus: “He was trying to protect his business by protecting our business. “

    All right, hive mind, let’s buy a vowel and solve this puzzle.

    I guess Eladio wants to defeat the bail deal on the theory that keeping Lalo behind bars is good for Fring’s pharmaceutical business, and therefore good for Eladio. It’s a fair assumption. As far as Eladio knows, Lalo has been caught by the police and will end up, like his cousin Tuco, neutralized behind bars. Eladio does not know that Lalo was causing Fring huge problems in prison. He certainly doesn’t know that Fring has a double agent in the cartel and that Fring burned down his own restaurant. Finally, Eladio does not know that Fring orchestrated the release of Lalo.

    Eladio therefore hired gangsters to steal the money from the cartel, hoping to keep Lalo in the Big House.

    For Fring, what is the end game here? Remember, he said that everything that happens to Lalo on this side of the border is his responsibility. So his plan is surely to let Lalo escape to Mexico and then kill him there, without arousing any suspicion.

  • Lalo is in a hurry to go home, unaware that his home is now one of the most dangerous places on earth.

What do you hope to see in the finale? Share in the comments section.

And remember, if someone asks you if you pushed your car into a ditch, the wrong answer – perhaps the worst answer – is “I don’t think so. “


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