“Better Call Saul” Season 5, episode 8 Recap: A little tour in the desert


Vince Gilligan takes a turn as a director, and his debt to “No Country for Old Men” is evident everywhere. This is particularly evident during the shooting, a spectacle which owes a lot to the invisible massacre which ignites the action of this great film by Coen Brothers, which leaves in the process a horrible menagerie of Mexican corpses, vehicles riddled with bullets and the notable absence of a large pile of loot.

Gilligan does not just borrow the plot, the frame and the color palette “No Country”. Jimmy is a character par excellence of the Coen brothers in “Bagman”. He’s a guy who searches for money, gets it, and finds it both a physical burden and an existential threat. The bag of money in this episode weighs just over 154 pounds, according to the Internet. I would also be tempted to bury it. When Mike explains why it’s a bad idea, it’s fair to assume that Jimmy would have gladly passed on his $ 100,000 commission for this “little road through the desert,” as Lalo described it.

By the time Jimmy goes down the road, a brilliant bait for a homicidal driver, it’s a safe bet that he would have willingly paid $ 100,000 to be elsewhere.

Kim called him. Not surprisingly, she is the voice of reason in this couple, and already the marital immunity that was the reason why Jimmy was a husband is paying off. At least, rhetorically. She can tell Lalo that she does not pose a legal threat to him because she cannot be forced to testify against her husband.

Good. But she could be forced to testify against Lalo, right? Not that she knows a lot at this point. She only knows that the guy is part of a Mexican cartel and sent her husband to recover $ 7 million in a desert.


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