Bellator champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane sues school, former coach for alleged sexual abuse


MMA flyweight champion Ilima-Lei
Macfarlane Goes Public With Charges That His Former
coach sexually abused her and other students when she was

HawaiiNewsNow first reported Thursday morning,
noting that the trial was filed on behalf of Macfarlane,
his sister and an anonymous student. The trial alleges that his
former trainer Dwayne Yuen sexually assaulted her when she was
Punahou basketball team.

“I had an inappropriate relationship with an adult who was in a
a position of authority and a position of power, like a 12 year old child, “
she said, “and that has affected 100% what I think is a
a healthy relationship. The allegations include several cases where the coach forced the
children to touch his genitals, pay them for sex and
by also sending them obscene pictures of him. The third without name
student also claimed that he also threatened her by text message and
telephone message and included transcripts of certain messages in the

Yuen worked for the Punahou basketball program from 2003 to 2006,
and in 2003, it’s when Macfarlane said the abuse started. In addition to
the trauma of abuse, she also went from sports to
the struggle, which later led to a transition to MMA.

“I ended up losing my love for basketball, which was crazy,” she says.
Explain. “This is what I wanted to do as a career. I wanted
play professional basketball in the WNBA. “

Although Yuen has not yet issued a statement or responded to his
requests he asked those looking for information to contact his
lawyer. The school responded, however, and officials
expressed support for Macfarlane.

“Put plainly, Punahou stands by the survivors of sexual violence
abuse everywhere, and we respect the courage it takes to report
these incidents, “the school said in a statement. ” Reports
allege 2004-2005 abuse by former girl Dwayne Yuen
basketball coach in our school. We are currently studying
these reports and are committed to working with survivors to
find resolution and healing. “

In response to this message, the school claims to have
reported the allegations to local police and opened a
internal investigation into these issues. Macfarlane and his sister
are not thrilled with this prospect, as they explained in the trial
that they reported this incident over 15 years ago, and the school
did not offer them the “help and protection” they

Undefeated as a professional in 11 outings, Macfarlane defended for the last time.
his flyweight throne against Kate
Jackson at Bellator 236 in December. His fight with Jackson
scored the first time she fought 25 full minutes, with her
five previous victories all arriving by stop. Macfarlane
holds a multitude of records among Bellator fighters,
including: most fights, most wins, longest winning streak, most titles
defenses as well as the most victories in the affairs of the championship.



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