Behind the scenes of Utah Jazz during the days that changed everything – The Athletic


Editor’s note: Part two of a two-day series in which The Athletic offers an inside and behind-the-scenes look at the key moments that led the NBA to close the league shortly after the jazz center d ‘Utah Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID -19. Part 1 looked at the league decision and how it was carried out. Now what it was for Jazz during this week, as events unfolded around them. The hall is on the second floor of the Zions Bank basketball campus in Salt Lake City, the center of practice of Utah Jazz, and she is busy to some extent almost daily. It is a room where ideas sway, where trades have been executed and night war chambers have been set up. It is a room where countless scenarios have been debated and basketball decisions made. On that day, he was busy for 45 minutes, which seems almost nothing. Twenty-four hours later, these 45 minutes were the prelude to one of the most important events that Jazz has ever known …


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