Behar says she can’t leave “The View” because she creates jobs for right-wing media – RT USA News


    La co-animatrice de "The View", Joy Behar, a renversé les rumeurs selon lesquelles elle quittait son poste, confirmant que les médias américains traditionnels ces dernières années visent davantage à inspirer l'indignation des critiques qu'à un débat réfléchi.

"Les rumeurs de ma retraite ont été considérablement exagérées", Behar a déclaré lors de l'émission de jeudi, après avoir été interrogée sur des rumeurs selon lesquelles elle quittait "The View".

Behar’s reason for staying? The pandit says that the coronavirus does not make retirement very attractive, in addition it is a “Job creator” for the right media.

“Let’s not forget that I am creating jobs for the right media”, she said. “I mean, I’m a job creator at Breitbart. Everything I say appears on Breitbart. “

Breitbart writes quite heavily on Behar’s remarks, with several articles published last month and two already this month, a fairly lucrative, but not uncommon relationship.

Even President Donald Trump tweets a lot about his media detractors – he seems to like the spotlight, and even seems energized by it. Divisive experts on both sides of the political aisle, from Tomi Lahren to CNN’s Jim Acosta, gained new national attention by clashing with the president and his supporters.

Variety and several other media outlets previously reported that Behar withdrew from “The View” in the summer of 2022. Behar said in an interview that her contract ended in 2022 and that she was ready to go unless she is ” fabulous “ as it is now.

ABC said in a public statement that they “His seat at the table” beyond this year, as long as she wants to stay.

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