Beer Store will increase the number of emptying places on Monday


Enter the garage and collect these voids.

The Beer Store announced that, starting Monday, it will expand its number of branches in Ontario that will receive deposit returns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers will be able to report their voids in more than 200 stores, or about 50% of the total number of stores in the province. On Friday, the Beer Store accepted voids in 71 stores.

Stores that accept empty bottles will continue to sell beer. When possible, customers are asked to rinse containers at home before going to the store to drop off the empty items, practice social distancing, and limit empty returns to one cart per person.

Clients will have the opportunity to donate their deposits to local hospitals and food bank fundraising efforts.

Beer store distribution centers will continue to receive large-scale returns every Sunday.

For a complete list of stores that, as of Monday, will accept gaps and the days they will accept, customers are invited to visit


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