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Travelers using BC Ferries will see significant changes starting Monday, April 6, after the federal government announces new measures to combat COVID-19.

As part of the new measures announced on Sunday, Transport Canada has released guidelines for screening all passengers on crossings longer than 30 minutes. The rules will apply until June 30.

“Ship operators should, where possible and practical, observe and screen all passengers before boarding the ship,” he said. The guidelines include a questionnaire with four questions to ask travelers by employees of ferry operators.

If a passenger has symptoms of COVID-19 or their response to health check questions indicates a need to deny boarding, the operator of the ship must refuse to allow that person on board for 14 days, or until a medical certificate authorizing the patient is presented. .

The new rules stipulate that if it is not possible to refuse boarding, operators should take measures to ensure that the passengers concerned must isolate themselves, for example, by staying in their vehicle throughout the journey .

“If the passenger is to travel to receive the necessary medical services, he must take precautions to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, such as staying in his car as much as possible, wearing a mask and maintaining a minimum of two meters from any other passenger, “said Transport Canada.

The upcoming health checks are part of a series of new rules that will come into effect Monday from 9 a.m. local time. They specify that operators of ships carrying more than 12 passengers must immediately reduce departures by 50% of the maximum number of passengers to help with physical removal or to implement other practices that comply with the Agency’s guidelines. public health of Canada.

According to the guidelines, ferry operators “should, as much as possible” inform passengers before boarding that they may be screened to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ask the crew (or the crew members) to read the announcement (or post signs) and carry out the health checks.

The new regulations also include a ban on the entry of Canadian cruise ships to the Arctic.

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